I’m a coastal girl through & through.  I was born and brought up by the sea here in the northeast of Scotland and I love it.

The romance, beauty, power, majesty, offer of adventure and escape. I love the smell, the sand, shells, cliffs, seagulls (I do!), rocky inlets, wide open beaches, the dunes, rockpools. This coast is in my blood.

It’s a privilege for me to have people buy my artwork for their homes. Our homes are our retreats, they are refuges where we rest and replenish – and no more so than during this pandemic we find ourselves in. For someone to buy a piece of my work for that special place, and to know that what I love about the coastal landscape has connected with them in a meaningful way, is such an honour. It inspires me and pushes me on.

Thanks for visiting my site, please have a look around and let me know if you have any questions. You can also visit me at my studio – JB Studio & Gallery in Newburgh – any time by appointment, just contact me to arrange.