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Fishermen’s Mission Catch of the Day project

I’m really excited to be taking part in this amazing fundraising project for the Fishermen’s Mission charity. 100 people including artists and celebrities have been asked to decorate a porcelain fish to be auctioned in May from their website

Here is mine called ‘Metallic Mack’. He is inspired by my time working in ‘the fish’ in Peterhead as a student…

“I was born and brought up in Peterhead, a place where fishing is a fundamental part of life. My grandpa was a fisherman and although my dad got too seasick to go out fishing, he has painted the sea and boats all his life. I picked up his interest in painting and left home to study at Edinburgh College of Art then Winchester School of Art, before returning to the North East to live and work as an artist painting the local coastline. When I was asked to paint the fish for The Fisherman’s Mission, I thought of the summers I spent working ‘in the fish’ back in Peterhead while I was a student. One summer I worked 12-hour nightshifts processing mackerel at a machine – when I shut my eyes all I could see were those silvery blue mackerel! My fish, ‘Metallic Mack’, is inspired by them.”

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