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NEOS 2020








I’m really looking forward to NEOS this year, even though it will be a bit different due to covid restrictions. I have made a new body of work based around big skies and am looking forward to showing it. Luckily my studio is accessed through the garden so there’s no problem with having to go through my house. I am thinking it will be the same as visiting a shop, so please:

  • wear your mask
  • use the hand sanitiser I will provide
  • only 4 people will get in at once
  • and I am planning to have a 1-way system if it’s busy, so people can come in and go out different doors

I really hope people will still feel able & confident to come out to NEOS, a bit of culture is good for the soul in these challenging times! Click Here to see my new NEOS work based around the title ‘Receding Horizons’.