JB Studio

JB Studio & Gallery, 49 Main Street, Newburgh, AB41 6BL, officially opened in 2017 and is a working studio that opens to the public each Wednesday 10am-5pm and by appointment.

At the moment it has Jane Bradford’s artwork on the walls and also that of her dad, George Strachan, who is a painter living and working up the coast in Peterhead.

All the artwork on show is for sale and includes what you can view on this website in My Shop. Jane would be delighted to see you, show you her work, and has a nice coffee machine too!

If you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment not on a Wednesday, please contact Jane.

‘Jane Bradford Art’/’JB Studio & Gallery’ are part of the registered business ‘Cranley Ventures Ltd’, 49 Main St, Newburgh, AB41 6BL.